First day of Spring!

First day of Spring!

Wow time is flying by!!  Today is the first day of Spring 2016.  We have been working very hard thru the winter months producing and stocking many of our favorite items for our site.  Trying to beat the summer heat since it seems to come faster each year.  While our cabinet hardware and address items are well stocked we are working on getting our switch plates stocked in all designs and configurations.  It has been a challenging task these days.  Especially for the larger ones.  I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of the 5 toggle plates everyone has been asking about.   

We will soon be adding a few new products listed below.

1. Double wall hooks will be available soon in our bath hardware section.

2.  Appliance pulls in our more popular designs will soon be listed in multiple dimensions.

3. 5 toggle switch plates 

4. double curtain rod configurations with pass by options for center supports.  A complete overhaul of our drapery hardware will be coming soon. 

Until then...

Be happy and kind!

Charles Bushere




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