One of the biggest topics with clients is about finishes.  Especially our wax finish.  What is wax finish?  What is the color of wax finish?

Wax finish is the natural color of the iron which is a very dark grey coated with a beeswax finish.  So dark it looks almost black in dark lighting.  This is a traditional way of protecting metal which was used by blacksmiths before paint was invented.  Wax finish is intended for interior use only and is considered a living finish.  Longtime exterior exposure will result in rust.   This is why wax finish is only recommended for interior use only.  We have added a video below to show the process of hand waxed wrought iron.  

Black and Bronze are a high quality powder coat finish.  Not all powder coat applications are the same.  Our products are tumbled and/or sandblasted prior to finish applications.  The products are then prebaked prior to powder spraying for a maximum bond when the finish is baked on.  Our finishes are made for indoor or outdoor use.  

We carry three different finishes.  Wax, Black and Bronze. 

You can also request your order in raw iron if you prefer to apply your own finish.