Giving back to Boys Republic

Giving back to Boys Republic

Anytime is the season of giving for us here at the studio.  Especially when it means helping someone or a cause related to your own experiences in life.  My father James was a graduate from Boys Republic in Chino, CA in 1971.  A top student of his class and known for his talent in metalwork. During his stay at BR a man named Max Scott had just taken over the reigns of the organization and brought in a new age of help for young men who were looking for guidance or just a chance in life.  Max Scott is now retired from BR, but recently we were contacted by his son Derek to collaborate on a project to help raise funds for Boys Republic at their Annual Steve McQueen Car Show and Dinner/Auction June 3rd-4th.   

A tree had recently fallen by the Gym at BR.  While Derek was removing the tree he had a vision of a bench.  It could have been easily cut up for firewood, but the bench would give so much more.  So he cut the log down and carefully cut the top for the seat area.   We were asked to make a unique structured base and theme for the log.  After many hours of thought we came up with lizards crawling on the log.  Lizards can be seen everywhere at BR basking in the sun or running along the building walls.  For me this piece symbolizes love, creative vision, and unity.  It was such a great feeling seeing those boys so proud of what they accomplished in helping with the project.  I felt honored to be part of this great experience in life.  Here are some of the pictures of the process. 

For interest in the car show or auction at Boys Republic please visit their website:


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